Lofoten - bicycle trip
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Norway the second time

You will miss those islands if visiting just once. No pictures, no movies neither stories could describe
this special atmosphere of the places,
neither this smell and light so characteristic for Lofoten.
After the first visit there I always wanted to go back.
Somehow I missed this place.
It was just a week. No nerves, no competition, no hurry.
I was happy to wake up somewhere in the middle of the wilderness,
take the bicycle and go slowly a few kilometers having a time for looking around.
I was happy as well to have a good weather...

I will come back, again. In March, in the fishing time..
I will leave my bicycle home, but the camera will be taken. Surely.

If you liked my photos, let me invite you to my previous report from the bicycle trip across Norway.

 .:. 7 days of travel,
 .:. no hurry, about 400 km
 .:. first part of the week was sunny, somewhere in the middle it started to rain...